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Victor Rueda Ayala
Seshadri Kunapuli
Javier Maiguashca


Machine learning techniques were applied with statistical tools such as linear, logistic and multinomial regression, to work out predictive algorithms for yield estimation. Spectroradiometer readings were collected throughout the main maiz producing provinces of Ecuador, at two crop development stages.
A model using six degree polynomial regression is recommended for acceptable yield prediction. This model could contribute to decide about imports strategies and avoid the overlapping with the national production.


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Victor Rueda Ayala, Seshadri Kunapuli, Javier Maiguashca. DEVELOPMENT OF YIELD PREDICTION MODELS IN THE MAIZE CROP USING SPECTRAL DATA FOR PRECISION AGRICULTURE APPLICATIONS. EEC [Internet]. 30 de agosto de 2015 [citado 23 de abril de 2024];2(1). Disponible en:
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